WP0 – Project preparation

The project partners jointly developed both steps of the application procedure, the Expression of Interest and the full application including: project concept, partnership development, technical specification, cooperation plan, budet plan, formal requirements, and so forth.The transnational partner meetings took place in which the partners discussed and agreed the structure, contents and budget of the Danube [...]

WP1 – Transnational Project Management and Coordination

This WP includes all activities necessary to guarantee an efficient transnational project management. Responsible for the overall management is the Lead Partner (LP); a project office will be installed and a coordinator contracted. For additional support, external financial and organisational assistance for the overall project will be contracted. These activities include contacts and reporting to [...]

WP2 – Comunicare si diseminare

The objectives in WP 2 are to implement activities regarding internal and external communication, dissemination of results, and public relation. At the beginning the partnership works out a project communication strategy (internal commnication / external awareness) which results in a communication plan. The implementation of this plan will be evaluated on an annual basis by [...]

WP3 – Harmonization of data and methods

Project partners (PPs) first cooperate to develop requirements for harmonised data, modelling and processing. The harmonisation actions are being focused on quality management mainly. The bottom line is that the river shall be conceived like a system which does not respect any border. Flood risk management has to be one piece of this puzzle. Still [...]

WP4 – Stakeholder involvement and end user integration

Risk maps are produced for different uses: e.g. spatial planning, water management etc. For the elaboration and implementation of the risk information and to ensure risk adaptation it is of importance to involve the regional / local stakeholders in the process of the map development. It is necessary to identify the end user and to [...]

WP5 – Data collection and management

“In WP 5 the relevant project partners work on the compilation and acquisition as well as processing and storing af all necessary data. The process follows the agreed harmonised methods and requirements of WP 3; all data will be collected in data bases to serve for the mapping actions. The main data sources for flood [...]

WP6 – Map production (hazard, risk)

The production of flood hazard and risk maps is the last but key working package. Based on the guide lines provided by WP3 and the data of WP 5 the simulation process will be carried out by the partners in close cooperation. Flood hazard maps show inundated areas and information like inundation depth, flow velocity [...]

WP7 – Integration methods for risk managament + planning

In this WP the risk information and risk maps are transfered to precautionary measures of spatial planning, protection works and other structural and non structural measures. In the first phase a scoping study of the participating partners analyses the practise of risk management by spatial planning in the different countries. Relevant partners in cooperation with [...]